Cheers to trying new things!

Well… this is me stepping way out of my comfort zone and trusting God! Over the last few years I’ve felt a creative aching in my heart, an aching that has literally had me losing sleep. The feeling that I’m not doing something I’m supposed. I have painted, sketched, crafted and baked my way through that feeling. I found with each project I still had that nagging in the pit of my stomach.

Then one quite morning, while reading my bible study I finally got it! I was the servant in the parable Jesus taught about who had buried their talents in the ground and not risked them to gain more for the Master. I was keeping it all safe and tucked up in my heart. I was keeping my light under a basket.

Now please understand, I am not an unbelievably talented artist or a creative genius of any kind. I’m just a homeschool mom who loves to create, bake, cook, and write….. and sometimes I do those things with my little bobble, Della! I do not assume that this little tiny dot on the internet will be full of profound wisdom and world changing posts, but I whole heartedly believe what Mother Teresa said, “If you want to change the world go home and love your family”, so here I am… sharing how I do that and maybe some craft projects and recipes sprinkled around for good measure! Oh, the bunny… I should probably prepare you to see a ton of our best guy, Mr. Jupiter Bunny! So check back in from time to time to see if I’m still being brave!

3 thoughts on “Cheers to trying new things!”

  1. I love to see this Lauren. You are beautiful, talented, and wise. A perfect example of His workmanship, share it with us and the world.❤️


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